Tuesday, December 6, 2016

A video clip that caught my attention

Title: Humans in 1000 years
Content: Talks about what would mankind be in a 1000 years
3 things i have learnt:
1. I didnt think that the advanced commputer technology is so crazy
2. I learnt that there is a person in this world who eats anything!
3. Learnt that transhumanism will let mankind become a machine!

About me

My name is Yeo Teng Jun, my classmates like to call me TJ as shortform.
My hobbies is photography, drawing, reading books, watching TV doccumentaries
My favourite pasttimes is to take photos of sunset and also take timelapses of it

My personality is an ENFP, which is I am an extrovert, I love talking to people, I will also always talk about my feelings and opinions with another friend or person and meet new friends, I will also tend to get a little bit sarcastic with some things so I hope you would understand.